Studio Steven Scott

Studio Steven Scott is a Copenhagen based art practice that primarily investigates perceptions of light, space, colour and time and their effects on human experience.

Within contexts ranging from the gallery wall to large scale architectural and public space, the work uses sophisticated lighting technology to explore complex and continually shifting colour and spatial relationships, usually over long time periods.

The studio is led by british-born artist and designer Steven Scott and draws on an extended network of architects, engineers, designers, programmers and installation teams.

Scott (b.1955 London) pursued an award winning career in set and lighting design for opera, ballet and contemporary dance, working with many of the worlds leading companies, before turning to the creation of light art nearly twenty years ago. Through these many years of varied practice Scott forged a deep understanding of light and colour and the ways in which they can influence human awareness and emotion, and this understanding, together with his continuing curiosity and experimentation, now informs and drives the Studio’s work.

Steven Scott is also committed to the idea that through technical innovation we can extend access to sustainable energy and combat climate change. He has over the years designed many solar installations in both rural and urban contexts, and continues to pursue the ways in which solar power generation can be integrated into Land Art. He also founded a solar technology company, Scotia A/S, in 2008, and designed the Monopole – the first solar mast with vertically integrated PV panels. The company is now involved in projects throughout the world. Steven Scott continues to design for diverse projects in the renewables sector. 

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