A new landmark artwork for the centre of Copenhagen

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Studio Steven Scott is at work on an exciting and high profile installation on the exterior of the Illum store in central Copenhagen

In March this year la Rinascente approached us to create a major iconic light art work for Illum in Copenhagen. The work will be positioned above the new entrance that enables direct access to the newly developed top floor of the store, which has been designed as a “meeting place” for the centre of the city, following the ethos of the new owners.

The intention of the art work is to create an ever changing cycle of light and colour ---- that will challenge and stimulate the perceptions of both passer-by and client. The complex multipart cycles will introduce rhythms of the natural world into this busy cityscape – changing at a barely perceptible meditative pace, appearing static to a casual glance but then drawing the attention to the slow evolution of relationships within the work and provoking a questioning of the viewers perceptive processes.

The work further challenges our normal interaction with technology in the urban context, where we have become used to the fast changing proliferation of information, and where we expect short repetitive cycles. In this work sophisticated technology and complex programming work towards an opposite effect, by establishing long intersecting patterns of colour and movement that will not repeat for a number of years.