New programme for Seventy Seven at Deloitte

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Following the comprehensive overhaul of the major installation Seventy Seven at Deloitte HQ Copenhagen, Steven Scott has created a new programme that will be inaugurated on November 28th and will run in the winter months, reverting to the original programme in the spring.

. This direct connection to seasonal rhythms will intensify the relationship that the artwork already stimulates between this interior space and the natural world.  This will provide the people at Deloitte with yet more stimulus and variety in their quotidian experience of their workspace and will further enhance the positive social and inspirational qualities of this subtly articulated building.

During the leanest part of the year, when we are affected by the diminution of natural light, the new program will introduce much needed luminosity and colour into this atrium space. The artwork, which has always had ‘time’ at its core as a principal element, will ever more closely connect the cadence of our diurnal rhythms to the daily activity of the workplace.

Steven will provide an introduction to the new work, which will be inaugurated on 28 November at 15.00. He will then launch the new cycle, which has been designed to last for the next 20 years, and will consume less electrical energy while generating more social and creative energy for the staff of Deloitte.