New Steven Scott book published

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Steven Scott’s career as a light artist has been documented in a new book by art publishers Hirmer Verlag. Entitled Luminous Icons, the volume contains a major essay by art historian Robert C. Morgan who offers a contextual analysis of Steven Scott’s works, locating them alongside Modern pioneers such as Kandinsky, Rothko and Barnett Newman.

Exquisitely photographed by Adam Mørk and Matthew McConnell,Luminous Icons documents a decade of work ranging from Seventy Seven – the vast, seven-storey light art installation that forms the central atrium of Deloitte’s Copenhagen headquarters – to Brown Light, a series of entrancing artworks that function in smaller, private spaces.

Luminous Icons

The works of Steven Scott 1999-2011
With essay by Robert C. Morgan
ISBN 9783777446318
27.00 x 22.60 cm
Published 2011